At best, I am a passionate builder. I build software, companies, communities, and people. I aim to design world-class products that ooze excellence and perfection by imperfection. I work hard to listen and to innovate every day.

During my career to date, I have built three startups (one w/ seed investment), built circa. 50 projects, received numerous mentions, attended 3 events & 12 hackathons (and won 5) and a "Top Developer" award by Dev8D.

I've built a reverse image search startup, social quiz app, mobile chatroulette, bus timetable, TFGM Ruby gem, Cheddar PHP API, WordPress plugin, fundraiser website, viral website and more. As impressive as it is, I haven't made any real, life-changing impact from my work. Until I do, it has minimal value for me.

I've always loved entrepreneurship. To me, it offers the greatest freedom that your work life can ever offer. I work hard to make mistakes (and learn from them) so I can have stories to tell. I most certainly will pursue another startup one day with the right team.

In my day-to-day, I am studying full-time for a Computer Science degree. Beyond that, I travel across the world to learn and explore culture and people. By standard, I would recite a couple of clichés about the philosophy of life, but you're too cool for that. I also try to make it easier for people to learn.

I'm a big fan of music, video games, gadgets and philosophy. I keep fit through regular 5-a-side football and gym. I'm a huge FC Barcelona supporter, and I also support Man United. I'm always going to live music gigs and events, having been to 10 already.