Hi, I’m Bilawal! Or you can just call me Bil.

I work as a Developer Advocate for Spotify based out of Stockholm, Sweden. My team is responsible for delivering a world-class experience both digitally & physically for developers wanting to build on top of Spotify.

Previously, I was on the European founding team & led the software engineering for Major League Hacking. Here’s a blog post about my time at MLH here.

Before that, I founded and directed StudentHack, a university hackathon based in Manchester. There was also once a time where I participated in hackathons.

Here’s some of my hobbies:

  • Backpacking. I have travelled quite a bit.
  • Reading. I love to read on management, psychology & technology.

My personal goal is to improve the lives of people through world-class products. I also support causes that promote education, equality & empowerment for all.

Feel free to reach out by email. I’d love to chat!