Hi, I’m Bilawal! Though everyone calls me Bil.

Currently, I’m a full-stack software engineer at Major League Hacking where I lead the development & maintenance of our core engineering properties: mlh.io, hardware.mlh.io & my.mlh.io. During the day, I write code mostly in Ruby/Rails, JavaScript and SASS.

Previously, I was the founder & director of StudentHack, a student hackathon based in Manchester. I was also participating in a whole bunch of hackathons.

I was born in the amazing city of Manchester and currently live in London, England.

Outside of software, I’m huge on keeping myself fit and healthy. Otherwise, you’ll find me talking about football, travelling around the world & interesting thought experiments that I have. I'm motivated by improving the lives of people through products. I also support causes that promote education, equality & empowerment for all.

Feel free to reach out by email. I’d love to chat.


B. A. Hameed