After almost three fantastic years working at Major League Hacking, it’s time to take on a new challenge. With that, I am incredibly excited to announce I’ll be joining Spotify as a Developer Advocate in May 2017!

It really feels like yesterday that Tim, Joe, Syeef and I were on a call with Swift and Jon about bringing Major League Hacking to the UK. That phone call changed a lot for us. We’ve since created an inclusive & engaged European hacker community with an abundance of high quality hackathons and meetups.

When we all met, we were just students. It’s been fun watching us all grow up and learn more than we could have ever imagined. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with a team who cares about this community as much as I do and couldn’t imagine a better job out of university than working for MLH.

In case you love numbers, here are some of my key stats during my time at MLH:

  • [Code] Made 4,646 commits on GitHub since April 2014
  • [Tools] Wrote the Local Hack Day & Hardware Lab code used by ~10K hackers
  • [Growth] Grew MyMLH (our single sign on) from 5K to 56K users (+1120%)
  • [Coaching] Went to 21 hackathons in 16 cities across 6 countries
  • [Europe] Hosted 5 hackathon seasons in Europe with 111 events
  • [Global] Supported 125,000 students globally with 575 events
  • [✈️] Flown 84 flight segments with 17 airlines covering 152,000 miles
  • [Public Speaking] Spoke at 4 events (2 conferences & 2 universities)

It’s been a top gig and I couldn’t recommend working at MLH enough. I now look forward to watching MLH grow to even greater heights from the sidelines.

At Spotify, I’m joining the team responsible for creating & promoting a world-class developer experience with Spotify’s APIs. The role will be based in Stockholm which I’ll be moving to next month. I can’t wait to continue serving the developer community, but now with the best music company in the world 😉