The past couple of years have been really crazy. A lot has happened - I’ve had a major surgery, focussed a lot more on my fitness, graduated from university, moved away from home, travelled a whole bunch of places & supported significantly more hackers through my work at Major League Hacking.

My previous writing styles were often at times just thought experiments which were helpful for me to write down so I could collect my thoughts better. However these are the type of posts I’ve realised over time aren’t providing value to potential readers and so I have changed my writing style a lot over past year to be more factual, concise and engaging.

Though I haven’t really had a proper website for many years now, and have redesigned this website a multitude of times, I have still kept up with writing through Medium and other blogging platforms. A big reason why I haven’t had a proper website was because I just haven’t had time and it took me a good while to transition from a student to professional in terms of my day-to-day lifestyle.

I believe I’ve come a long way since, and thus I have increasingly made more time to dedicate towards my personal goals which includes writing more about my learnings and having a website. That’s what this is. I’m dedicated towards staying committed towards that goal, but only time will tell as to whether that’ll be the case.